Network Design & Installation

Whether you have a physical or virtual network or are looking to migrate to a cloud-based solution, Protec has the experience and knowledge to manage your needs without impacting your day to day business operations.

We can design, build and service any size and type of network and we can advise on the best approach for your business, both now and in the future.

What we do

Our network design capability includes:

  • Network Support
  • Network Cabling
  • Staged Upgrade Proposals
  • Internet Connectivity Services
  • Office Interconnectivity
  • Remote Working & VPN
  • Routers and Wireless Networks

We are experienced in producing clear, non-technical reports which describe the best approach for your network, including recommendations for further infrastructure investment or safety improvements.

Network Support

We provide proactive maintenance of your network and server equipment ensuring they’re operating to their optimum performance. We also run Live Remote Monitoring tools from our office, which allows us to keep an eye on your network and respond quickly to problems, sometime before you even know they’ve happened.

  • Router management / patching
  • Firewall Management / patching
  • SSL VPN / Remote Working
  • Company Wifi Management
  • Guest / BYOD Wifi Management

Network Cabling

Effective infrastructure cabling is key to a quality network and, with our trusted partners, Protec is able to provide cabling, either new or replacement, to service the needs of your network. As with all our other services, we do this with an eye on potential future requirements. We are also able to advise you on different types of cabling, should you require this.

All cabling work is provided with a 12-month warranty.

Staged Upgrade Proposals

At Protec, we understand that business needs change and sometimes budgets have to be tightened so we always prepare any networking project proposals in stages. Each step of the project plan is followed by a natural breakpoint, enabling time delays to be built in if they are required. By working in this way, we help our clients to achieve the robust, future-proof network their businesses require, without compromising the business in other areas.

To find out more about our network design, build and maintenance services, including our initial fact-finding audit and cabling service, please get in touch.

Contact us on 01344 876 123 for more information and a no obligation quotation.

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