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Why Your Business Should Outsource Data Recovery

May 09 in News

Are you losing sleep over computer viruses, corrupt hard drives or accidentally hitting delete? Protecting data is one of the most important issues for businesses and, if something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing properly. Read on to find out why we think you should ask the experts…and get yourself a good night’s sleep.

Why Your Business Should Outsource Data Recovery

Imagine a situation where your hard drive becomes corrupted, your system is attacked with a virus, or accidental deletion causes all your valuable information to disappear forever. Each of these would be a nightmare for your business so what would you do if one of them happened today?

At Protec we understand that it’s easy to take servers for granted while they are working well. However, as soon as something goes wrong, the impact on business continuity can be significant. Replacing lost information will undoubtedly have a detrimental effect on any business, both in terms of lost productivity and revenue.

Your computer system is almost certain to malfunction at one point or another – but don’t panic! There are ways to recover valuable data in the event of data loss.

What is data recovery?

Data recovery is the process of retrieving any corrupted, lost, accidentally deleted, or inaccessible data. Data recovery services can safely bring back your data following data loss from any storage media. There are a number of free data recovery programmes available that can assist you with the recovery of your lost data. But, while these can be useful, complex data recovery requires expertise and, at Protec, we can ensure swift recovery while also preventing further damage.

Why you should use a professional data recovery service:

Increased data protection

As your business grows, it becomes increasingly important to protect your data. New statistics show that over four in ten of businesses suffered a cyber breach or attack in the past 12 months. There was once a time when only large businesses worried about network security breaches – but this is no longer the case. All businesses are now at risk and there are daily examples of businesses experiencing network security comprises and facing severe financial consequences as a result. You’ve worked hard to build your business and make it a success, so it’s vital that you keep your network secure and take steps to protect your data.

We work with many clients to provide a professional, experienced approach to data recovery. This is far less risky for them than opting to do the information recovery process on their own. Data recovery services allow you to safely and swiftly bring back any lost data, providing increased protection for your network security.

Recover lost data quickly

One of the major benefits of working with Protec to recover your data is that you will save time. Recovering lost data is often a time-consuming process that can only be handled by an expert. If and when data loss occurs, our recovery specialists will be able to retrieve any lost data quickly, therefore minimising any negative impact on your business. Apart from expediting the recovery process, our data experts will carry out secure information recovery to ensure that your files do not suffer further damage.

Know who to call

Computer systems fail for a huge number of reasons and the most important strategy to protect your company data is preparation. It is essential that you see data recovery as a protective measure and not just as a solution to data loss. When you outsource your data recovery, you will always know who to call in the event of an emergency and any issues can be dealt with swiftly.

Technology blog Futurescope says – “Most data recovery services provide emergency response and assistance. These companies understand that your information is crucial to your business and will be available to support you whenever you need it.”

Regular maintenance and updates

Another common threat for all businesses is outdated software. At Protec, we can also monitor your network and carry out regular software maintenance. This ensures that your systems remain up to date, which reduces the risk of computer system failures and security holes. Properly maintained systems and regular updates will keep your computer network running in an optimal and reliable condition.

Why you should implement data recovery solutions today

In today’s digital age, most businesses rely heavily on IT infrastructure and digital platforms to carry out their everyday tasks. The performance of your server is therefore crucial to your success. Data recovery should be thought of, not only as a solution to a problem that exists, but also as a protective measure before the problem even starts.

The best way to protect your data and manage data loss, is by outsourcing this responsibility to data recovery experts. Here at Protec, we have over 15 years professional experience and will support your business, by providing peace of mind and allowing you to focus on your core business activities. Our expert consultants offer a completely bespoke service and will design a package to suit your business and needs. To discuss how we can support your business with data recovery, contact our friendly team here.

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