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Bracknell General Partner

Apr 08 in Case study

The Project BGP Assigned to Us

BGP were operating on an unreliable and antiquated Windows 2000 server. The server frequently crashed and lacked the business functions the company needed to operate efficiently.

What we did

Protec decommissioned the Windows 2000 server and implemented a Windows 2003 Small Business Server into the BGP IT infrastructure. The hardware and operating system specification provided all the business functionality BGP required, mostly due to the inclusion of Microsoft Exchange 2003 and it’s ability to improve communication paths between staff, clients and suppliers. The hardware was specified with growth and future proofing in mind to ensure BGP maximized their return on investment. Protec also provided services within the project for license management, anti-virus, anti-spam and backup and data archiving.


BGP are now experiencing the highest levels of uptime and system reliability, this coupled with the new smooth and uncomplicated communication methods allows BGP to operate on a more efficient level and achieve computer related tasks first time, every time.

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