Socialwork 2000

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The Project Socialwork 2000 Assigned to Us

In December 2006 the offices of Socialwork 2000 were broken into and, very sadly, all of their Servers and PCs were stolen. They lost all of their data, documents and email as well as the equipment they rely on for day to day operations. The effect was an almost total shutdown of their business.

What we did

We went into immediate action as soon as we were informed and implemented our Disaster Recovery plan. We arranged emergency purchase of replacement equipment and worked non-stop to install it. The next step was the recovery of their data, email, settings and configuration from backup tapes. Using our site documentation folder we were able to set up Socialwork’s systems in a very short space of time. Protec also helped with the insurance claim by providing information on the lost equipment and the replacements.


Socialwork’s systems were fully operational within 24 hours of notifying Protec and a potential disaster was prevented.

Protec instituted a number of measures as a result of lessons learned from this exercise. These comprise upgraded security measures; a like-for-like hot swap setup for the servers; increased levels of data backups providing a higher level of data redundancy and fail-safe options.

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