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Windows 10 and Office 365 – 5 reasons to upgrade and start loving the new benefits

May 23 in News

Since its first release in 1985, Windows updates have been a regular occurrence. The current version is such a milestone, Microsoft have skipped Windows 9 altogether. ’10’ promises the best features to date, combined with the ultimate user experience. Office 365 is that user experience. It operates on Windows 10 and offers a range of improved features.

Migrating to a new operating system can be less than attractive for businesses.  Worries about downtime, costs and disruption sometimes outweigh the potential benefits.  But, by using Protec’s managed IT solutions, migration is simple and risks removed.  So, with your worries out of the way, what are the benefits of upgrading?

1. Improved Security

10’s main improvements relate to security and management. The upgrade to Windows Defender means “Windows 10 eclipses past versions and leapfrogs into the future with enterprise-level security” according to Microsoft.

This latest upgrade protects your systems, data, and users from cyber threats and viruses. In the unlikely event of a security breach, there are new repair and deployment tools to fix things.

According to Computer World UK “Microsoft has even applied AI techniques – which it calls the Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph – to detect and remove any malware before it has a chance to get into your network. Called ‘advanced Threat Protection (ATP)’ this works across devices.”

Office 365 also offers high levels of security with Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA).  It uses analytics and machine learning to detect suspicious activity straight away.  It then alerts you and, because it’s cloud-based, it allows mobile device management.  This helps you to secure devices and protect company data in the event of a network breach.  This is Microsoft’s most secure operating system ever and a major argument for upgrade.

2. Enhanced Productivity

Technology, whether secure or not, is only useful if it enables productivity.
Windows 10 includes productivity-enhancing features to ensure a productive work environment. Examples of new productivity features include:

– universal Windows app functionality
this creates a unified platform and allows a seamless experience across all devices

– adjustable Snap
this allows users to have several windows side-by-side on the same screen,

– interactive web browser
this improves collaboration by letting users highlight content, make notes, and share modifications with co-workers

One of the main benefits of Office 365 is that it’s completely cloud-based.  This gives users the capability to work from anywhere as long as they can connect to the internet.  It also allows easy collaboration on projects.

3. Faster Operating Systems

Another great benefit of Windows 10 and Office 365 is its speed. Microsoft has increased operating speed by using new hardware and optimising configuration.  For the user, this means a quicker reboot than with previous versions of Windows.  There will also be an improvement in system performance, something that is vital for productivity.

4. Less Disruptive Upgrades

Earlier versions of Windows often surprised users with a sudden upgrade.  This would interrupt working time.  The Windows 10 Servicing model streamlines this update process.  Office 365 identifies the changes your computer needs, and will only downloads those specific updates. Another new feature also allows you to put upgrades on a schedule, so they won’t impact users. This allows updates to be quicker and more convenient.

Time to upgrade?

Upgrading to Windows 10 and Office 365 shouldn’t be stressful or difficult.  Though it does take some time to perform the update, you’ll then have access to plenty of new features and your network security will be improved.

5. Don’t Obsess – Outsource!

Upgrading your systems is now easy with the help of professional IT specialists like Protec.  As a Managed Server Provider, we’re on hand to take responsibility for managing all your IT infrastructure, leaving you to do what you do best – building and growing a successful, profitable business.

We offer a range of fixed-price and fully-managed package solutions where we will manage your systems and networks remotely, giving you complete peace of mind.

To discuss how we can help you migrate and upgrade your systems, contact our friendly team here.

Once you see the benefits, you’ll wonder why you waited so long to make the move!

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