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Cloud Server Hosting and Co-Location

There’s always an element of risk in business but there are also elements of business where you really need reassurance. The safety, reliability and continuity of your IT Systems is one of these areas. Server downtime or vulnerability can be damaging to business operations and profitability.

By outsourcing your server hosting, you give yourself one less thing to consider. As server hosting experts, including business server support, we will guarantee maximum uptime and will always provide the best advice regarding ongoing maintenance and upgrades.

Cloud hosting involves using virtual servers to host your IT applications and systems. Cloud-based servers can be public or private, depending on your security requirements, but either will include security measures to ensure data privacy and protection.

What We Do

At Protec, we provide cloud-based server hosting and can also assist with co-location of your existing servers and data. Migrating your business to the cloud is likely to result in a more efficient spend rate as you only pay for the access you use, plus the obvious scalability advantages. There are no restrictions on how much ‘space’ you can have in the cloud, so the sky really is the limit here.

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