BCP and DR

In our digital age, businesses are more information and data-driven than ever before. Our reliance on continuous IT functionality is absolute: so it follows that disaster recovery is something all businesses need to plan for.

Whether the interruption to service is driven by nature, human interference or cyber activity, modern businesses cannot afford to ignore the need for a comprehensive disaster recovery plan.

Working With Protec

As a professional and experienced managed service provider, we help our clients, both new and existing, to understand the impact of a disaster on their business by categorising their systems into tiers, working from tier one business-critical systems and applications, downwards. This enables us to identify mitigating actions and focus accordingly.

Often, businesses can reduce their susceptibility to threats, simply by undertaking this planning exercise. We aim to stick to a simple and effective approach when drawing up a disaster recovery plan, to ensure it complements any overall business continuity planning that is undertaken.

Business Continuity Plan

According to the Government’s Cyber Security Breaches Survey of 2017, just under half (46%) of all UK businesses reported at least one cyber security breach or attack over a 12-month period. The average cost of putting the breach right was over £1,500.

Cyber security can be costly for businesses and it’s on the increase. Statistics also say that the vast majority (over 95%) of businesses who experience a serious disaster are unlikely to remain in business for more than a year afterwards.

Business Continuity planning is a critical activity in mitigating the risks that come with any sort of disruption, whether natural, cyber or man-made.
By working with Protec to put together your business continuity plan, you get the benefit of our varied experience and knowledge of best practice solutions.

The Protec Way

At Protec, we have a full set of business continuity plan processes designed to mitigate the risk of disasters affecting your business, including:

  • Comprehensive backup strategy
  • Mirrored on-site
  • Off-site \ Online Backup
  • Internet encrypted
  • Fire safe for documentation and media
  • Data theft protection
  • Hardware theft protection
  • Rental of replacement systems
  • Rapid replacement of hardware and software
  • Disaster recovery plan
  • Drills and practices
  • Rapid response

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