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Business Server Support

Server Repair and Upgrade

It’s easy to take servers for granted while they are working well. However, as soon as something goes wrong, the impact on business continuity can be significant.

At Protec, we take a dual approach to our work with servers. As well as ensuring they are well maintained, to minimise the need for repair, we help you to plan ahead when it comes to upgrades or increasing capacity.

Businesses are continually evolving and, as we become more and more reliant on digital platforms for our everyday tasks, the performance of your server is even more critical to your success.
At Protec, we sell peace of mind. That means taking away the risk and responsibility for maintaining and upgrading your hardware letting you focus on your core business activities.

What’s Included?

Our Server repair and upgrade solutions include:

  • diagnostics
  • maintenance of firewalls and virus software
  • regular backups
  • maintenance and updates to operating systems
  • hardware upgrade and replacement
  • software upgrades

Hardware Upgrades

When you work with Protec, you can be assured of our attention to detail right across your IT services. One of the most common reasons for failing or unreliable IT systems is a lack of ongoing maintenance and upgrades.
We will ensure your hardware – your desktops, laptops, servers and other devices – are continually assessed for capacity and efficiency. Upgrades to memory or new drive installations are an everyday event for us. If your laptop needs a hardware update, we can do that too.

By outsourcing to Protec, you buy peace of mind and the opportunity to focus on the everyday events in your core business.
We provide services such as:

  • Hard Drive size upgrades
  • Laptop Repair
  • Laptop Hardware Upgrades
  • Move to faster SSD Hard Drives
  • Migrate your setup to a new PC
  • RAM Upgrades
  • Data Restores
  • Virus and Malware Removal
  • Boot up and crashing issues

Contact us on 01344 876 123 for more information and a no obligation quotation.

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