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IT Services & Computer Consultancy

Ad-Hoc Services

Here you’ll find our list of ad-hoc IT services. Please use the menu to your left to navigate this section of the website.

Any questions please drop us a line on 01344-876-123 or use are contact form on the Contact Us page.

  • Computer and Server Repair
  • Server Installs
  • Data Backup Solutions
  • Remote Access and VPN Solutions
  • Firewall and Network Security
  • Mobile Email Solutions

What ever your requirements I’m sure we can help.

Call us today on 01344-876-123 and find out how Protec’s IT services can help your business

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Technical glossary

dynamic web site

A web site whose pages are generated at view-time, from data stored in a database. For example, when a user performs a search in a shop, all matching products are extracted from the database and a web page is generated to display them.

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