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Managed IT Services

At Protec, we understand that successful businesses are profitable businesses.

Your IT systems and networks are probably the largest, most critical non-core element of your business.

As an experienced Managed Service Provider, we can take the strain, leaving you to do what you’re good at: building and growing a successful, profitable business.

Protec’s Managed IT Services combine live network monitoring with proactive maintenance services and reactive support services, all of which are focused on helping you run your business in the most efficient way possible.

We employ a number of professional, industry-recognised technologies from the likes of Microsoft, HP and Dell which enable us to be a flexible Managed IT Services Provider; being proactive when we need to be, as well as providing all the day-to-day support you need.

Most importantly, we build an SLA to suit your requirements because we recognise that our business is to keep your business running.

IT Support on-demand

By working with Protec, you’ll find that any combination of Managed IT Services is possible. Our approach is always focused on getting the right outcomes for you: so we’re used to being flexible and providing bespoke services for each of our clients.

No matter what the scope is, every customer relationship we have is of equal and utmost importance to us.

Our IT Support on-demand service offers you the opportunity to pick the level of support that’s right for you.  Of course, as your business develops, so can our service to you and we’ll always be ready to advise on the best way to achieve the outcomes for the business.

Over the years, Protec has provided IT Support to a wide range of business sectors with a varying array of requirements.  We’ve not yet had a request we couldn’t deal with so why not try us and see where we can add value?

How It Works

Issues can be logged using our outsourced Help Desk and are then assigned a ticket. Our tracking system means you can always view the status of your ticket. Once assigned to an engineer, issues will be actioned as quickly as possible.

We keep a record of all resolution details for future reference, meaning that the more often we work with you, the more efficient we are able to be.

Fixed-Price Fully Managed IT Infrastructure Support

If you want to keep an eye on budget, but like the added value that working with Protec brings, why not try our Fixed-Price Fully Managed solution?

The fixed price means you know in advance what your investment is and you can then budget accordingly.  Because it’s a fully managed solution, you get the assurance of our attention to detail across your entire IT provision and complete peace of mind as we take responsibility for all your IT infrastructure.

The Benefits

The benefits of our Fixed-Price Fully Managed solution include:

  •  Forecastable IT expenditure
  •  Management of cyber security
  •  Management of data protection
  •  24/7 live network monitoring
  •  Minimal user disruption from IT issues
  •  Maximum uptime and increased productivity
  •  Routine site visits to assist user IT queries
  •  Routine server and network health checks
  •  Routine onsite IT check-in meetings

Outsourcing your entire IT provision for a fixed price guarantees peace of mind and means we have our finger on the pulse of your IT. Over our 15-year history, we have experienced, first-hand, the benefits to businesses from having a stable IT infrastructure.

  •  Server
    • Virus Protection
    • Updates
  •  Spyware, Adware issues
  •  Firewall (HW) Support \ Changes
  •  Creating \ Editing user accounts on server
  •  Remote monthly server maintenance
  •  Monthly Live Remote server monitoring

Why work with us?

By working with Protec for your Managed IT Services solution, you are guaranteed:

  • Real time network and server monitoring
  • Automatic fault reporting to our help desk team
  • Access to your tickets to review the progress
  • CRM / Documentation
  • Remote responses delivered promptly and securely
  • Fault preventing routine proactive maintenance runs
  • Microsoft certified engineers

Contact us on 01344 876 123 for more information and a no obligation quotation.

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